Your tenancy

Last updated - 28 November 2018

We offer various types of tenancies.


The tenancy we issue will be compatible with the type of home you are offered. The types of tenancies we issue are:

  •  Assured tenancies. You might know these as “lifetime” tenancies.
  •  Assured shorthold tenancies: These are used where there is not a clear intention to offer a home. E.g., temporary housing tenants hold an assured shorthold tenancy.
  • Fixed term tenancies: We issue these to all new general customers.
  • Licences: These are used in supported housing and temporary schemes.
  • Secure tenancies. These are no longer issued. Anyone who has a tenancy from before 1 April 1989 is likely to be a secure tenant.


Some tenants have the right to a successor. So following the death of a tenant a successor will have the right to claim the tenancy.

The rights to a successor vary and are specified in each agreement. Some tenants will have a legal right to a successor. Others will only have a discretionary right. This means that it is at our choice whether the tenancy can be passed on.

All applicants to succeed a tenancy must provide proof that they have been living at the address for the last year.