Replacement of Communal Entry Fobs and Keys

Last updated - 5 August 2018

If you've lost your keys/fob to communal areas or you just need an additional set for other members of your household, please contact our customer service centre team on 033 3000 3000. Before providing you with a copy of the keys you will be required to confirm that you are the tenant.

We can't provide: 

  • keys to front doors of your property
  • keys for windows and post-boxes - these are given to you when you first move in

The Customer Service Centre is open from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

The communal key/fob to my property was stolen. What can I do?

If your key has been stolen, please provide us with the crime reference number. If you don’t have a crime reference number, then you will need to pay for the key. Please call our customer service centre team on 033 3000 3000 to request a replacement.

I have lost the communal key/fob to my property. What can I do?

Please call our customer service centre team on 033 3000 3000 to request a replacement. You will be required to confirm that you are the tenant.


Do I have to pay for a replacement communal key?

All residents are given two or three sets of keys when they move into their home. You will be charged for any extra keys needed after sign-up.

What is the cost for a communal key/fob?

Charges are based on the cost of the keys plus a 15% administration fee. The charges are as follows:

  • BEST key (serialised key) or standard key  £7.75
  • Standard fob key £19.25
  • Girder key £22.70
  • Remote control for gate £51.00
  • Key card £21
I’m not sure what the key is called. What can I do?

best-keyBEST key (serialised key) or standard/traditional key
Most street properties will have a standard/ traditional key. Some will be BEST keys, with serial number on them, others will have no serial number.



standard-fobStandard fob key
This is an electronic door key. Each fob key has a unique serial number, if you lose this key please notify us as soon as possible as we can de-activate it using the unique serial number.



gerda-keyGerda key
Gerda keys are usually used for gate locks.





How long will it take for my key to be delivered?

If the key is in stock, the Neighbourhood Assistant should aim to deliver the communal door key/fob within 5 working days. These can be delivered by hand or sent via recorded delivery.

However, you can also choose to pick up the key yourself. If you do so you will be required to provide one of the following ID:

  • Full UK or EU driving licence (with photograph)
  • Ten year UK or EU passport (with photograph)
  • Home Office documents confirming status
  • A current, valid credit or debit card with supporting bank statement address
  • Child benefit or Job Seeker’s allowance book showing names and address
  • Pension book showing name and address
  • For elderly residents, a travel pass for free public transport (with photograph).