Genesis Wellbeing Foundation

Last updated - 12 October 2018

Genesis Wellbeing Foundation Awards Ceremony
As a social landlord we are committed to improving the wellbeing of the communities we serve. As part of this commitment we support organisations with the ability, people and drive to tackle the challenges that our residents face.
Genesis Wellbeing Foundation Recipients

On Thursday 3rd May we held an awards ceremony for the recipients of the Genesis Wellbeing Foundation (GWF) hosted by Jason Coombs, Grants Officer. It was an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the successful projects funded by the GWF. All 11 successful organisations that secured funding were invited to our office in Camden (Atelier House) to celebrate and acknowledge their success.

The afternoon proved to be a great occasion and Carl Byrne (Group Director of Housing) presented the cheques which will support good causes that benefit our residents.

We awarded a total of £343,273 to 11 organisations that will deliver a range of projects that support our overall objectives.

Funded Projects are:

Hilary Hodis (CCT) and Carl Byrne (Notting Hill Genesis)

The Genesis Wellbeing Foundation (GWF) was set up to help meet the Corporate Strategy objective to deliver “improved Social & Economic Wellbeing of the communities we serve”.

The aim of the foundation is to fund organisations that promote our 6 GWF themes which are:

* Financial Inclusion

* Employment, Enterprise and Training

* Digital Engagement

* Health and Wellbeing

* Volunteering

* Social Research

Eligible organisations can apply for a small grant of up to £5000 or a large grant of up to £50,000.

Eligible organisations include:

* Charities and organisations that are registered charities or other eligible non-profit organisations based in the UK

* Not for profit organisations such as community interest companies

* Social enterprises and other properly constituted voluntary groups

* New and emerging charities and not-for profit organisations or very small organisations that are not registered as long as they have a constitution for funding from the foundation.

Projects which do not show a clear link to any of the six themes are not suitable for funding. All projects submitted for funding must benefit our residents.

We will be announcing future rounds of grant funding in our Community Roundup newsletter soon, so if you are interested in applying for future grant funding, please make sure you are signed up to the newsletter mailing list. ​

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