Tackling ASB

We believe all our customers have a right to feel safe and happy in their home.
Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can have a serious impact on the lives of our residents if reports are not dealt with quickly and appropriately.

We take all reports about ASB very seriously and below you can find out how we will handle ASB reports - the steps we may take, together with you and other agencies to help resolve the problem. You can also find out how someone who is suffering from ASB can help themselves and prevent the situation from getting worse.

It is important to understand that we can only take action to deal with certain types of anti-social behaviour. Although we can offer advice and suggestions, there may be some things that you feel you want to report that we cannot help you with, for example, an isolated incident or unavoidable noise nuisance caused by a ‘different lifestyles’. In these cases, we encourage people to try to resolve the problems between them or agree to go to mediation.