Registering for MyGenesis

Last updated - 8 February 2018

Our easy guide to registering to use our customer app
Follow the quick steps below and you'll be registered in no time!

How to register for the MyGenesis app

Tap on the app for the first time and you'll be taken to a registration screen. You'll need your payment reference, surname, date of birth and postcode to register.

You can find your payment reference on your statement. Please don't use the 16 digit rent card number - it won't work. If you can't find a statement our income team can help you with this.


Enter your details into the correct fields and then click "Register".

Top tip: Entering your date of birth. If you have an android phone, don't scroll back through all the months and years - tap on the year and it'll open a box specific for the years, select your year and you can then choose the month and date. It's much quicker!

When you tap register, you'll be prompted to view and accept our terms and conditions to use the app.


Tap view to read through our terms of use for the app, but don't worry if you just clicked accept. You can find them on our website too. Next you'll need to choose a four digit Passcode.

Enter the same four digit number twice - the app is just making sure you typed the right number. Make sure you choose something you can remember, but don't worry if you don't - if you forget your Passcode, just tap Reset.

Enter Passcode

And that's it! Now you're registered to use the MyGenesis app.

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