Downloading the My Genesis app

Last updated - 13 June 2018

Get the My Genesis app today
You can download the My Genesis app on any iOS or Android phone or tablet. Download it onto as many devices as you like and you'll be able to access your information whenever and wherever you want.

Can I download the My Genesis app?

Any Genesis tenant or leaseholder with a smartphone or tablet can download the app. It is free to download and for most people the data it uses is included in any data plan you have.  If you don't have a data plan you can use the app over wifi to avoid any charges.

Android and Apple users can access all the features in the app. Windows phone users can also download the app, but these phones can't access the new credit and debit card payment feature. Our developer isn't currently updating the Windows app, but our information shows that most of you use either Android or Apple phones so we hope this won't inconvenience too many of you.

We've put together some guidance below for those who need a bit of help downloading the app. Scroll down or click on the section on the right that matches your phone or tablet.

Apple phones and tablets

To download My Genesis from the Apple app store, tap the app store icon. The app store icon is a blue square with a pen, brush and ruler. Some versions have a circle, some don't depending on the iOS version.

Tap on the magnifying glass and type "My Genesis".

Our app, with our logo in white on a green background, should be the top result.  Tap "Get" and the app should start to download. If you have the app on another device it may show a cloud with an arrow instead of "Get". Tapping the cloud will start the download too.

You may need to enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID to approve the download.

Android phones and tablets

To use the Play Store you will need a Google account. If you don't have one, you'll be prompted to set one up the first time you use the Play Store.  Follow the guidance and don't forget to choose a password you'll remember.

There are more variations amongst Android phones, but to install My Genesis you need to open the Google Play Store. The icon for this is a triangle like the play button on Netflix.  On some phones the triangle is on a shopping bag, on others it's on its own.

Once you've tapped on the icon, tap into the search bar and type "My Genesis".  Our app, with our logo in white on a green background, should be the top result.  Tap "Install" and you should see a dialogue box telling you what permissions the app needs. Click accept to download the app.

If you haven't set up payment details in the Play Store, you may be prompted to enter them.  If you don't want to provide details, just tap "Skip" and your download should start.

Windows phones

To download My Genesis on a Windows phone scroll down to and tap "Marketplace" on the Start screen. In the Marketplace tap "Applications". Tap on the search button at the bottom of the screen and enter "My Genesis". Tap on our app, a white Genesis logo on a green background, and tap "Install".

Your phone will then check if you have downloaded any apps before. If it's the first time you've downloaded an app, it will take you through the process of registering an account before asking you to confirm the installation. If you have an existing account, your application download will start immediately.

Please note: The app will only work on Windows phones. It is not compatible with PCs, laptops or Surface hybrid tablets.