How we make decisions

Last updated - 6 November 2017

Our Chief Executive, Neil Hadden, and the Executive team who work with him, manage the day-to-day operation of Genesis. The Executive team reports to our Board, who ensure that the organisation is working correctly. Our Chairman is Dipesh J. Shah OBE.

We publish biographical details of all our Board members and of our Executive team.

We have four committees which focus on areas of key importance for Genesis. Click on the links below to find out more about each committee and their areas of responsibility -

Assets Committee

The purpose of the Assets Committee is to oversee Genesis’ asset portfolio on behalf of the Genesis Housing Association (GHA) Board. This includes delivery of the annual programmes agreed by the Board in terms of new development schemes, regeneration projects and sales programmes.

Core responsibilities

  • Prepare a draft annual development plan for consideration and approval of the GHA Board
  • To review proposed development schemes
  • To monitor the delivery of the GHA development programme
  • To Ensure the association is maximising the value of its assets
  • To ensure that the risk to the publicly funded assets is mitigated as far as reasonably possible
  • To ensure that assets are used efficiently to meet the priorities of GHA’s business plan
  • To advise and recommend to the GHA Board changes to the Asset Management Strategy particularly in light of resident feedback
  • To advise the Board with regards to the sale of property and monitor delivery of the annual sales programme
  • Ensure value for money is achieved in the acquisition, development and sale of property
  • Approve annually the Approved List of Contractors and Consultants.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee ensures that there are effective systems of internal control in place and that there is effective financial management.

Core Responsibilities

1. Provide assurance to the board that there is an appropriate system of internal control in place to safeguard all assets and to manage risk.

2. Be responsible for Internal Audit including:

  • The appointment of Internal Auditors
  • Annual appraisal of the performance of Internal Audit
  • Approve the annual Internal Audit plan
  • Receive Internal Audit reports and hold the Executive to account for the delivery of the management action plans
  • Exercise governance over external audit
  • Recommend the appointment of external auditors
  • Monitor the annual audit process
  • Recommend the management letter and financial statements to each board for approval

3. Exercise governance over compliance with regulatory requirements including robust systems of co-regulation.

4. Monitor compliance with the National Housing Federation Code of Governance on behalf of the GHA board

Customer Service Committee


The purpose of the Customer Service Committee is to support the GHA Board in its responsibilities for:

  • Providing a high quality service to customers
  • Involving its customers in the governance of the organisation

Core Responsibilities

  • To receive and comment on strategies and plans for the continuous improvement of services to customers including the provision of digital services in line with the Customer Experience Strategy.
  • To receive and comment on customer facing policies, including responses to changes in Government Policy which affect our residents.
  • To receive and comment on progress against the Customer Experience Strategy and related performance data.
  • To receive and comment on performance reports in relation to HCA Consumer Standards and CQC regulations.
  • To consider feedback from resident scrutiny groups in relation to service delivery and any associated recommendations.
  • To consider and review procurement activity relating to major service delivery areas e.g. repairs, cleaning and gardening to ensure customers’ needs are being met as well as efficiencies delivered.
  • To receive and comment on quarterly reports on GHAs performance and annually review the performance of each business unit within the Operations Directorate including GPMS, Supported Housing, Temporary Housing, Keyworker Housing, Rented Housing and Leasehold Housing.
  • To receive and comment on reports relating to the work done to improve residents’ life chances and community enhancement activities.

People Committee


The purpose of the People Committee is to ensure that Genesis maintains and nurtures a skilled and productive workforce which can better deliver for the needs of our customers.

Core responsibilities

  • To oversee the implementation and delivery of the People and Organisation Development Strategy
  • To determine and recommend to GHA Board the level of pay for the Executive Team and non-executive Board members
  • To ensure that the governance structures in place are sensitive to and representative of the communities in which we work
  • To ensure that Genesis remains a responsible employer and service provider by promoting equality and diversity and eliminating unlawful discrimination
  • To ensure that the Members of the Board and its committees have the necessary skills and experience required to meet the challenges facing GHA.

Treasury Committee


The purpose of the Treasury Committee is to ensure that Genesis has enough money to fund its operations.

Core responsibilities

  • To execute, review and monitor the implementation of the Treasury Policy and Annual Treasury Plans
  • To recommend to Genesis the structure of appropriate funding arrangements
  • To monitor compliance with loan covenants, the Treasury Policy and Annual Treasury Plans
  • To monitor financial risks and advise the Audit and Risk Committee of any weaknesses and recommend mitigating actions
  • To scrutinise the funding arrangements for GHA its subsidiaries, including loan documentation and recommend for approval where appropriate
  • To safeguard the organisation’s financial resources

Board Minutes

The Board meets approximately eight times a year to set the organisation’s direction and to review performance. Below, we will publish meeting agendas and summaries of the meetings setting out the key decisions that are taken.